While they may look similar to skateboards, surf skates come with a pointed front—similar to how surfboards would usually look. Simply put, they’re like smaller-sized,  in-land surfboards designed to simulate the movements of surfing. Unlike skateboards, surf skates are designed for techniques like turning and ‘snapping’ that allow surfers to hone their skills during their time off from the beaches when it’s low season for surfing. 


Versace surf skate
(Image: Versace surf skate)

Versace’s printed skateboard is embellished with the maison’s classic pattern featuring the brand’s name in black print against the white, wooden board. 

Price: THB 26,500 approx.


From the skateboard designed in collaboration with artist Joshua Vides for a Harrods pop-up café back in 2019, Fendi now offers a longboard featuring the brand’s interlocking ‘FF’ pattern and matching glitter FENDI logo.

Price: THB 28,900 approx. 


Hermès’ longboard made of Voges Maple wood is colourfully painted to reflect the maion’s Bouclerie Moderne silk scarf’s vibrant motif. 

Price: THB137,000 approx. 


While Chanel’s skate deck is actually a skateboard, people are changing the truck of Lagerfeld’s design to turn it into an ultra-stylish surf skate. 

Price: THB 234,000 approx. 

Louis Vuitton x Supreme

This legendary collaboration offers a unique skateboard that marries Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram with Supreme’s signature red. It also comes with the monogrammed LV trunk—in red—emblazoned with a Supreme logo on top. 

Price: THB 2,740,000 approx.