15 streetwear brands that are worth indulging in

In 2021, any time we leave the house is an event. It's easy to just throw on tried and true sweats you've had for years to get your errands done. With everything happening in the world, it is as important as ever for people to find little ways to feel good about themselves. Streetwear is a fun way to give yourself something to look forward to, but it can get pricey at the top. Here, we lay out 15 top-tier streetwear brands worth indulging in if you have a little extra cash.

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Streetwear can't be discussed without Supreme. The skateboarding lifestyle brand was founded by James Jebbia all the way back in 1994—eons before Instagram clout and the SNKRS app. Rather than stay pigeonholed in the past, Supreme has evolved from strictly skater bros to women and every kind of person in between. Robert Sullivan expertly examined Supreme's rise from cult skate shop in SoHo to global fashion force for Vogue in 2017.

Fear of God

Jerry Lorenzo founded the behemoth streetwear brand Fear of God in 2013. The son of former MLB player and manager Jerry Manuel, Lorenzo worked in managing corporate sponsorships for the Los Angeles Dodgers (h/t Business of Fashion) before designing clothes that athletes everywhere are clamoring to wear.

Fear of God collided with Justin Bieber when Lorenzo designed his Purpose Tour wardrobe and merchandise in 2016. Kanye West has also been heavily associated. In December, Adidas announced a long-term partnership with Lorenzo to form Fear of God Athletics. Essentials, the third pillar of the label, is also a major power player in luxury streetwear


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Virgil Abloh founded Off-White in 2012. Name a celebrity, and he or she probably endorsed the brand in some way. As Kaitlyn Tiffany aptly put it for Vox, "Off-White makes plenty of clothes that are what you might recognize as high fashion, but it’s better known for things like $1,000 sweatshirts; pricey, tongue-in-cheek phone cases; buzzy collaborations that help fuel the $1 billion sneaker resale industry." The overriding truth is that if you are rocking something Off-White—with the recognizable quotation marks around any and every word—your street cred will automatically improve.

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Drew House

Justin Bieber has incomparable fashion influence, and he combined that with his personal tastes when he launched Drew House in January 2019. The smiley-face clothing brand introduces high-end silhouettes to a grungier feel. Wearing anything Drew, especially the cartoon character-laden sweats and tees, will instantly take you back to those free-spirited childhood days.

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Adidas will always and forever predominantly be associated with athletic wear, and rightfully so, but collaborations with the likes of Beyonce (Ivy Park), Kanye West (Yeezy), and Pharrell, the Three Stripes has developed a significant hold on the streetwear game, too. Not to mention, a fire pair of sneakers does wonders for any outfit—and Adidas is always good for that.


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